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Welcome! All the popular gift items to take home from Japan are available in one place!
Popular goods from traditional Kabuki theatres and collaboration items with Rilakkuma and other popular Japanese characters!

Shochiku Kabuki-ya Honpo is the only store in Japan directly managed by Shochiku Co., Ltd., which produces Kabuki, an Intangible World Heritage designated by UNESCO. A wide selection of Kabuki-related items that are made in Japan and other favourite gift items are available.
You can also enjoy demonstrations by a craftsperson at Tokyo Station Character Street store. The shop caters for all generations young and old, so feel free to drop by and find your favourite items to remember your trip to Japan.
Shochiku Kabuki-ya Honpo
Tokyo Character Street, First Avenue,
Tokyo Station (B1)

Open: 10:00 - 20:30
Shochiku Kabuki-ya Honpo, Kobikicho Plaza store
GINZA KABUKIZA (B2) Kobikicho Plaza

Open: 9:30 - 18:30
(Closes at 18:00 when Kabukiza is closed)

Beautifully printed Tenugui washcloth, folding Japanese fans, sweets and many other high quality Japanese gift items are available.

Printed Tenugui in traditional Japanese design (handkerchief)

Printed Tenugui
by Hiromitsu Takahashi - Mie
Printed Tenugui
by Noriko Kageyama - Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura
Printed Tenugui
by Chiho Kari - Kumadori Goshu
Printed Tenugui
by Noriko Kageyama - Kabuki Isho Imoseyama

Japanese folding fan

Folding fan, Kabuki Gold
Folding fan, Kabuki Beige
Folding fan, Kabuki Black
Folding fan, Akafuji

Japanese sweets: A wide range of traditional Japanese sweets are available to take home.

Kabuki-age Rice Cracker, Tesagebako
Kabuki Souvenir, Kumadori Kabuki-age
Maccha Castella
Kabukiza Limited-edition Nama-Yatsuhashi